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Fantasy book cover - artwork in progress

Interactive storybook - artwork in progress

Interactive storybook - artwork in progress


"Like a blend of Edward Gorey and Mark Ryden, the darkly dazzling portraits created by (...) Elin Jonsson are a mix of the macabre and fantastic. One part cute, one part creepy, the art concived by (...) Jonsson is filled with symbolic touches. The resulting alluring compusitions invite you to envision your own story about Malice , or your own story about Violet." - Jason Brodak, Associate Buyer at FAB
"The new Accordion Noir festival artwork is created by Elin Jonsson of Vildeld Productions. Elin’s aesthetic mix of pop surrealism and art nouveau provides a visually lush and moody fit for Accordion Noir and this is the second year in a row that Elin has created the festival look. She comes highly qualified for the job having years of experience as the artist and campaign director of Peace & Love, the largest bohemian music festival in Sweden, and as artist and co-founder of the popular online game Afterland by Imaginary Games." - Katheryn Petersen, Head of Accordion Noir Fest
"Elin's experience in event planning shows in her management of a newer studio. She's solution-oriented and knows the value of investing in the potential of her people. To top it off, her artistic signature is a confirmed value, already building a strong community following ahead of the game's launch. Today, she's assembled the winning conditions to chart new territories." Thiéry Adam, CEO at Trailblazer Games
"Elin is one of the hardest working Indie devs I’ve ever met. She is always pushing the envelope of what’s possible in a mobile games, especially in regards to art. She has a drive for entrepreneurship rarely seen in someone with so much creative talent. It’s my belief that the thing that made Afterland unique and interesting to players, is Elin’s incredible art and in my experience with Imaginary Games, her drive is what brought it to a successful launch." Tayber Voyer, Director of Product at A Thinking Ape
"I had the pleasure to be working together with Elin for a couple of years when creating Sweden's biggest festival, Peace & Love. She's a fantastic artist who created the much beloved artwork that gave the festival it's soul. In her artwork she captured all the feelings of freedom, love and unlimited possibilities that the festival represented. Elin is a great colleague and coworker whom I strongly recommend." Henrik Sundin, Marketing Director of Peace & Love

Art created by Elin Jonsson has been shown in Casual Connect (magazine), Gothic Beauty (magazine), Imagine FX (magazine), The Tomorrow People (tv-show), The Flash (tv-show) Imaginary Mary (tv-show). Elin´s art has also been shown at art galleries in Los Angeles, Vancouver and Sweden. Elin received "Most Prominent Female Developer of the year" at Casual Connect 2013.