VILDELD productions is a production house creating games, books, films, and illustrations/artwork. Focus are on art, design and emotional storytelling. Based in Vancouver, Canada VILDELD productions create entertainment for the soul, the heart and the spirit. Welcome to our world - a world of emotions, passion and beauty.





Elin's experience in event planning shows in her management of a newer studio. She's solution-oriented and knows the value of investing in the potential of her people. To top it off, her artistic signature is a confirmed value, already building a strong community following her art. Elin started VILDELD productions after 4 years of creating Afterland at Imaginary Games, a game celebrated for it's  art.




Graphic Designer / Admin

With years of experience Paria Hassani brings a clean and beautiful touch to all of her graohic design. Paria also takes care of all admin work at VILDELD productions. 




Kerfuffle Monkey Games


Krys Wallbank - Tech Lead and founder of Kerfuffle Monkey Games offers high level expertise in mobile game development, both iOS and Android. 


CapOne Film

Founder and Director at CapOne Film, Artine Brown creates emotional stories that will change your perspective and challenge your way of thinking. VILDELD productions co-produce together with CapOne Film the emotional film "True Colour". 




Pamela Catapia

Pamela Catapia is a therapist with years of experience and knowledge about the HSP trait (Highly Sensitive Personality). Pamela is advising VILDELD productions: "The Girl, The Cat and The Sensitivity" - project, a beautiful and emotional book teaching children and their parents about the HSP trait. 


Sarah M Sophia

Sarah M Sophia has been a life-long student and discipline of the Sacred. She has dedicated herself to cultivating an understanding of issues pertaining to human conciseness,, the mysterious of life and death, the search for contentment and freedom, and the human being's place within the greater fabric of the multi-cosmos. Sarah is advising VILDELD productions: "Aether" - project, a collectible card game focusing on a spiritual awakening. Sarah also are involved in the story telling of Aether. 



Bill McGraw

Bill McGraw, business mentor for VILDELD productions and Executive in Residence at Wavefront's Venture Accelerator Program. Bill has spent his career working primarily in the technology sector specializing in wireless and mobile startups. He has worked for both large and small firms, started several businesses and executed plans for sales, marketing, product and service offering development, client management, pricing models, operational execution and financials. He has hired, developed and managed both staff and consultants by providing the processes and framework to ensure theirs and the company’s success.