Blog #9

Art Show - Accordion Noir Pre fest

I'm super excited to host an event with Accordion Noir Festival here in Vancouver in Sep. My dear friends at The Creaking Planks, fantastic Katheryn Pedersen and artist Fireman will put together a  prefect for you, Sep 13th. 

I will show some of my newer work, lighter and personal than ever.  

Here are some art work in progress that I'm currently working on.


Blog #8

Oh oh, it has been 2 weeks since I made a video. For the last 2 weeks I have been working on my world Lunarium, painted Spirit Animals, had meetings with the amazing developer Krys Wallbank about our games we are making, and made a first draft for a fantasy book cover. 

Here is a video I should have posted last week - showing a sneak a peek of the process making the Accordion Noir Festival poster. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love Elin and Crew

Also, here are some new Lunarium Spirit Animals that are coming to life. Welcome to my brain.




Blog #7

I have spent time working on my new world Lunarium. Everyone in Lunarium has a spirit animal. Today I painted Luna's. She has a spirit animal that is a little white dragon. 

Love Elin

Blog #6

Two crazy busy weeks. I pitched Vildeld Productions to Wavefront's accelerator business program last week to a room filled with business men and my company got accepted. I'm paired up with Bill McGraw, a wonderful mentor and business leader that I see every week. I spent a full day with other entrepreneurs and awesome mentors at Wavefront's Market Validation Training course. 

This week I have been focusing on the poster for Accordion Noir Festival (I will be able to show you in a week or so). I also illustrated page # 2 for Francis Bunbury's poem and I changed name of the world NEVERLAND to LUNARIUM. I'm super excited about the world of Lunarium - inspired by the moon. Luna = Latin for moon, arium = a suffix occurring in loanwords from Latin, which often denote a location or receptacle (armarium; caldarium; solarium; vivarium). 

The world of LUNARIUM start to take shape. I can't wait to show you more of it. Follow the work at . 

Market Validation Course:

Poem Page # 2

Love Elin


Blog #5

Last week I was painting a new character in Neverland - the little Moon Protector. This week will be interesting - meeting with my friend and book publisher Dimiter Savoff of Simply Read Books, pitching Vildeld Productions to Wavefront's accelerator program, illustrating the poem "Carnival" and continue with Neverland graphics. Also - "Lost Boy", a beautiful story about a boy who overcomes his fears, is a dear heart project of mine. I can't wait to show you some of the work we have done with that children book.

Here you can see how the Neverland character Moon protector came to life.

Have a wonderful week!

Love Elin

Blog #4

I met a poet at the Accordion Noir Festival. He has written a beautiful and meaningful poem and he asked me to illustrate it. This week I finally got started. I'm so excited to illustrate someone else's words, thoughts and ideas. I hope you will enjoy the process. 

Also - Vildeld Productions will also start to illustrate a beautiful picture book written by Artine Brown. I can't wait to start to illustrate it. I hope I have something I can show early next week. 

I also want to introduce you to the Moon Protector. A little creature who lives in Neverland. I will show you my painting process - how he went from sketch to final painting next week.

Love Elin - Creative Director

VideoBlog #3: DreamCatcher

This week I have been working on the "Dream Catcher".  The dream catcher will appear in your dreams and bring you to Neverland. I'm normally very strict about my painting process; gather inspiration pictures, decide color palette before I start to paint, creating a base in black and white etc. This time I trusted my intuition and painted what "felt right" and wasn't to concerned about the process. I had a sense about who the Dream catcher was and I wanted to capture that emotion,  

Here you can see the progress from sketch to final painting. 

Love Elin

ArtWork in Progress - Dream Catcher

I started to sketch a Dream Catcher character last night. I didn't follow my normal process and I painted only from what felt right. Normally I use to gather inspiration picture, chose color palette, paint in black and white etc. This time I painted based on my emotions and what felt right. I haven't been painting much lately and I felt a need to just go with the flow. The Dream Catcher are the ones who fly you to Neverland while you fall asleep - more about the story later. Here you can see the different stages. I will post a video later this week.

Love Elin

Blog #1

VideoBlog #1: 

I decided to create a video blog that shows my artwork, where the inspiration and ideas come from, techniques but also about all projects we have cooking in the studio. 

Some of you have follow my art for years and I'm so grateful for you. I wouldn't been able to do it without you. 2016 was a very hard year for many of us. Let's make 2017 creative, productive and fun!

Love Elin Jonsson

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