Blog #6

Two crazy busy weeks. I pitched Vildeld Productions to Wavefront's accelerator business program last week to a room filled with business men and my company got accepted. I'm paired up with Bill McGraw, a wonderful mentor and business leader that I see every week. I spent a full day with other entrepreneurs and awesome mentors at Wavefront's Market Validation Training course. 

This week I have been focusing on the poster for Accordion Noir Festival (I will be able to show you in a week or so). I also illustrated page # 2 for Francis Bunbury's poem and I changed name of the world NEVERLAND to LUNARIUM. I'm super excited about the world of Lunarium - inspired by the moon. Luna = Latin for moon, arium = a suffix occurring in loanwords from Latin, which often denote a location or receptacle (armarium; caldarium; solarium; vivarium). 

The world of LUNARIUM start to take shape. I can't wait to show you more of it. Follow the work at . 

Market Validation Course:

Poem Page # 2

Love Elin