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True Colours

Short, Drama - (annonced)

Directors: Artine Brown, Athan Merrick                                   
Writer: Artine Brown                                                       
Stars: Vanessa Walsh, Artine Brown, Nelson Leis

STORYLINE: We all deal with loss in our own way. Sam's a tattooed, bearded biker who gives us a glimpse, exposing his true colours. When a relationship comes to an end Sam, a haggard biker, travels down so many roads to help ease his soul. 


This is based on a true story about Sam, a tough biker type who is misunderstood from the beginning. The moment we meet Sam we are already judging him. He has long hair, a long beard and tattoo's. It appears that he may have a drug problem, that he may be having relationship problems and he comes across as a bit of a loner type. So when Sam and his dog go for a rip in his pick up truck leaving his lady behind, we slowly start to see the layers getting pulled off as he encounters a few obstacles along the way. In the end you can never judge a book by it's cover or a biker by his clothes. His true colours are beautiful, like a rainbow...

Directed by Artine Brown

TRUE COLOURS is a co-production: